About Us

Liquuid provides you cash to live the life you want to live. In exchange, when you decide to sell your home, we share in a portion of the sale proceeds. No interest and no monthly payments.


1445 Charles Street,
Vancouver B.C. V5L 2S7



Ryan Schauble

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Ryan is a forward-thinking CPA and business generalist with over twenty years of experience in developing, leading and implementing sustainable financial systems, operational processes, and internal controls that significantly improve P&L outcomes. Throughout his career, Ryan’s strong learning ability has allowed him to apply strategic direction to a diverse range of industries including technology, manufacturing, retail and financial services. As such, Ryan has dedicated most of his career working for private businesses that have grown to number one in their respective industries. He provides ongoing loyalty and laser focused passion to drive results by continuously building and successfully maintaining internal and external relationships. Ryan is conversant with large-value corporate transactions including acquisitions and earn-outs. He is strategically focused on innovation, growth and integration through day-to-day leadership, management and accountability.