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Liquuid provides you cash to live the life you want to live. In exchange, when you decide to sell your home, we share in a portion of the sale proceeds. No interest and no monthly payments.


1445 Charles Street,
Vancouver B.C. V5L 2S7



Christopher Trotzuk

Manager Internal Operations

Christopher is a recent graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business where he completed his Bachelor of Business Administration degree with concentrations in Finance and Marketing. Early in University, Christopher discovered his passion of providing execution strategies for organizations to overcome roadblocks. With the Canada Revenue Agency, he led a team of over 100 individuals to provide tax advisory services. He further explored his interest in finance with Crowe MacKay where he facilitated tax recovery initiatives. Christopher then pursued an opportunity to combine his personal passion of capital markets, with problem solving. At Fidelity Investments in Toronto and Vancouver, he completed multiple co-ops involving financial product wholesaling and investment professional consulting. During this time, he attained numerous financial certifications such as the CSC and IMT. While in University Christopher also connected emerging industries with the traditional world. This led him to provide personal consulting services for private equity firms and start-ups regarding blockchain, cryptocurrency, esports and other innovative technologies. In addition, Christopher works with business owners to develop social media marketing strategies that improve their brand & increase customer leads. Currently, Christopher is completing his Mortgage Broker Course to increase his effectiveness as a Product Manager.