About Us

Liquuid provides you cash to live the life you want to live. In exchange, when you decide to sell your home, we share in a portion of the sale proceeds. No interest and no monthly payments.


1445 Charles Street,
Vancouver B.C. V5L 2S7



Empowering Generations of Homeowners

The Liquuid team is changing the way people view affordability of home ownership. We are a passionate Vancouver based company committed to providing solutions for all generations of home buyers & homeowners, with our “no monthly payments, forever” products.

Live in the home you really want!

Leading the Solution

We’ve assembled a team of experts in global finance and affordable housing to tackle one of the largest socioeconomic problems facing Canadians today.

Reimagining Affordability

Homes have become unaffordable. Median wages have not maintained pace with home price increases. A new form of home financing is required. This is the challenge that drives us.

You CAN Afford It!

All generations. All stages of home ownership.
Live in the home you really want. We’re here to help.

Down Payment Booster

Liquuid provides you money to boost your down payment, without the burden of monthly payments.

Mortgage Eliminator

Liquuid provides you money to eliminate your mortgage, no more monthly payments.

Equity Unlocker

Liquuid provides you cash to fractionally access your previously inaccessible home equity, without monthly payments or debt.

Meet Our Team

John Veltheer

Co-Founder & Interim Chief Executive Officer
A lifetime entrepreneur, John has been involved at the management and/or board of director’s level of numerous technology start-ups where he is always an early investor. A generalist with highly effective management skills that focus on leading by example, clear communication and delegation, John is singularly focused on building and protecting stakeholder value in both the start-up and public company arenas. John provides his investments with strategic advice in his core areas of expertise – most notably invention, business plan development, corporate structuring, financings, mergers, brand building, and marketing. John holds a BSc (Hons) from Queen’s University and a PhD from the University of

Ryan Schauble

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer
Ryan is a forward-thinking CPA and business generalist with over twenty years of experience in developing, leading and implementing sustainable financial systems, operational processes, and internal controls that significantly improve P&L outcomes. Throughout his career, Ryan’s strong learning ability has allowed him to apply strategic direction to a diverse range of industries including technology, manufacturing, retail and financial services. As such, Ryan has dedicated most of his career working for private businesses that have grown to number one in their respective industries. He provides ongoing loyalty and laser focused passion to drive results by continuously building and successfully

Manny Padda

Co-Founder & Chief Restructuring Officer
Manny is the founder of New Avenue Capital (NAC), a private family office that brings together financial, human and impact capital for high-growth companies. An entrepreneur and philanthropist, he’s “long on people,” with a knack for recognizing talent, cultivating relationships and connecting change makers. Prior to founding NAC, Manny was a self-made entrepreneur, building his first multi-million-dollar company, PM Search Partners, by age 26. Leveraging his powerful network, he made the leap from executive search to investment and has invested in over 100 companies in technology and real estate with over twenty successful exits. He has spoken at events around the world, from Startup Weekend in San

Tiffany Pedersen

Vice President Sales & Marketing
Tiffany is an enthusiastic driver of change in the mortgage broker and mortgage lending space. An entrepreneur at heart, she gravitates to the start-up world creating operational efficiencies while fostering relationships to earn business. She has over twenty years of lending and sales experience and is passionate about introducing Liquuid’s products to the market. Between 2008 and 2014, Tiffany held multiple roles in audit, operational credit management and sales. More importantly, she was part of the team who successfully boosted Street Capital’s market share to over $21.6 billion in mortgages under administration. Tiffany is currently secretary of the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association of

Christopher Trotzuk

Manager Internal Operations
Christopher is a recent graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business where he completed his Bachelor of Business Administration degree with concentrations in Finance and Marketing. Early in University, Christopher discovered his passion of providing execution strategies for organizations to overcome roadblocks. With the Canada Revenue Agency, he led a team of over 100 individuals to provide tax advisory services. He further explored his interest in finance with Crowe MacKay where he facilitated tax recovery initiatives. Christopher then pursued an opportunity to combine his personal passion of capital markets, with problem solving. At Fidelity Investments in Toronto and Vancouver,

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